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The mechanical capabilities of TENEXIUM allow it to be used for personal protection. In particular, in stand-alone insert we meet the NIJ0108 standards for levels IIA, II and IIIA.


Lightweight, economical and durable, T-PLATE ballistic inserts provide optimum security against a wide range of threats, from conventional handguns to knives and picks. Thanks to our unique,
innovative ballistic composite, these inserts exceed expectations in terms of strength and durability. Certified to NIJ0101.06 levels IIA and IIIA and NIJ- 0115.00 level P1 & S1.

These inserts are available in two sizes, 25x30cm and 27x34cm, and in “Cut Plate” and “Full plate” formats to suit different orphologies. We can also offer specific formats on request.

Their ergonomic design, with a 400mm radius curvature, guarantees excellent comfort while providing an effective protection solution.
Our TENEXIUM® composite is perfectly suited for use in demanding regions, subject to high ambient temperatures and humidity.

We also offer you the option of integrating these inserts into our specially designed and adapted “plate-holder” vests. These vests, available in a range of colors, offer excellent carrying comfort and are adapted to the two insert sizes, 25x30cm and 27x34cm. Adjustable shoulder straps and side straps accommodate the most common morphologies.

Areal density ~ 1.3

Lifespan ≥ 20 ans

Ozone and UV resistant

No water effect

No toxic gases during combustion

COV *, CMR * free

* COV = Volatile, Organic Compound * CMR = Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, Reprotoxic

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