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Side protection against ricochets.


Protection of the operators in actions is a mandatory.

RAID teams intervene in the field during serious public order disturbances or in support of other
specialized National Police units. For this, their protection must be efficient!

With this in mind, RAID has confirmed its confidence in TENEXIUM for the supply of T-SIDE side protection against ricochets.

T-SIDE peripheral protectors stops ricochets from common weapons such as handguns and rifles,
including full automatics ones.

Quick-fastening snap hooks enable them to be used even in cases of sudden tension.

Ballistic protection is provided by TENEXIUM composite, which ensures a service life of over 10 years (insensitive to water, temperature, etc.).

Already used with success during the urban riots in France in June 2023, they have fully demonstrated their effectiveness and meet the requirements of intervention forces.

We can adapt these side protection systems to any type of vehicle after carrying out a
dimensional survey. They can also be customized according to customer requirements
(e.g. color, identification, addition of thermal protection).

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